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Top DIY Ideas for Indoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas, the most celebrated holiday of the year, is around the corner and a keen eye will notice that Christmas decorations are already up for sale in most stores. Although effective in creating a decorative appeal, store bought Christmas decorations lack creativity and will struggle to give your home a unique appeal. Christmas holidays have a common theme but you can choose to customize yours for a unique touch. If you want to a unique feature for your home, all you have to do is get a little bit creative.

1. Unique Snowman Christmas Bulb

The best thing about DIY Indoor Christmas Decorations is that they are inexpensive. For this particular case, all that you need is; five bulbs, glitter, black paint or nail polish, orange paint, two small twigs and a string. Cover the bulb with glue and quickly sprinkle the glitter dust all over it then allow it to dry up. Using the black paint/ nail polish, make two dots for the eyes and a row under the orange nose for the smile. An upright row of five dots will mimic the snowman’s scarf. On each side of the bulb, pierce two small holes and insert the twigs to make his arms. Using the string, hang this accessory on the Christmas tree or above the fire place. When hit by light the glitter will sparkle hence instantly making the room appear brighter.

2. The Creative ‘Merry Christmas’ Burner

Did you know that your unique DIY indoor Christmas decorations could be neatly tucked away in your kitchen cabinet? The theme words ‘Merry Christmas’ are a must have for every home. You can choose to hang your burner over the fire place or on the Christmas tree. For this case, grab your cupcake wrappers and line them up. Grab red, green or gold manila papers and cut out the words in the middle. Stick onto the cupcake wrappers and arrange them in a decorative manner. You can choose to pass a string through them in preparation for hanging. Another decorative option is gluing them onto green leaves, passing a string through the leaves talks them hanging them up.

3. The Fancy Bottle Top Snow Man

The Beauty of DIY Indoor Christmas Decorations is that you can use easily available items within your home hence saving money. Ordinarily, we throw away bottle tops without a second thought. For this project, you will need to save a few in order to create the Snowman accessory. Go for bottle tops that are all white on the inside. Apply glue on a ribbon and attach the tops one on top of the other. On the first bottle top, draw two dots for the eyes, an orange nose and a row of five dots for the smile. On the second bottle top, draw a straight downward row of three dots. Finally, wrap a string or a ribbon between the first and the second bottle top and glue on a button to secure the snowman’s scarf. Hang these on the Christmas tree or the mantle.

4. The Ultimate Pillow Stack Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to spice up your Christmas then consider giving DIY Indoor Christmas Decorations a try. In this case, all you’ll need is pillows in different sizes and golden colored pillow cases. These are a great substitute for the old fashioned Christmas tree. All that you need to do is stack these pillows on a stable white bucket starting from the biggest to the smallest. At the top, place a star and enjoy your creation. This is an ideal choice for a mature people’s home where there are no kids or busy people who do not have the time to decorate a Christmas tree.

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Pumpkin Carving: The Best Design Ideas

Halloween will be here very soon; it’s never too soon to start thinking of ideas for carving a pumpkin this year! Pumpkin carving can be a bit of an overwhelming task because there are so many different sources of inspiration. Designs can be very basic and/or they can become extremely intricate. It is a good idea to put a little thought into exactly what design to use for a pumpkin before heading out to select the perfect size, shape and color of the pumpkin that will be used for carving. The following designs are a great place to start on the hunt for inspiration.

Jack O’ Lantern

For those that are new to the world of pumpkin carving and/or children just beginning their carving days, this is a great design to start with. Nothing screams “Halloween” like a traditional Jack O’Lantern face carved into a round, orange pumpkin. This design is the go to design because it is simple and pretty easy to accomplish. The Jack O’Lantern can be smiling, could be more “toothy” and/or could be tweaked just a bit to create a more scary vibe to it. For a fun twist, instead of just the face, words could also be incorporated (“boo”, “eek”, etc.)!


Thinking outside the box comes in very handy when searching for pumpkin carving ideas. A fairly easy/simple design to accomplish a little more with the pumpkin is the White Mummy design. The look is fairly easy to achieve. All that is needed is a white gourd or pumpkin, a carver and some toothpicks to hold it all together.

Cutting the pumpkin into different layers and the stacking them creates the impression of the mummy. Once it is carved and the final touches (like adding the candle) have been added, what is left is a fun little addition to a pumpkin carving resume’!


Keeping in line with thinking outside the box, this webbed pumpkin design is a great way to show off some more advanced carving skills. Perfect for creating the ambiance of a Halloween get together or just to sit out on the porch for decoration, this design is eye-catching. Spider webs are pretty spooky to most people, so it is only natural that webs could be a great design to incorporate into a pumpkin carving design.

This web design can help add more of a creepy, yet stylish pumpkin at the same time. Really, any size and/or color pumpkin or gourd can be used to create the web effect. Completely customizable, one could create several webs or just a few to keep it simple.

The Night Before Christmas

For the most part, everyone with a pulse has most likely heard of the gigantically successful film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton. The cover design features character Jack Skellington stumbling along on his adventures; it is widely recognized as Halloween mainstay. That being the case, it is easy to see why this design would be brilliant for a pumpkin design! Whether the pumpkin is meant to be used as a party centerpiece or it is to be sat in a doorway as decoration, this design will be extremely successful. If mixed with pumpkins that ore not carved, this design will stand out even more.

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Superhero Office Postit

Have you been bored in your office lately?

A Reddit user, known as nickname Bruck7 , decorated his office walls with colored Sticky notes because he was tired of the usual gray walls. He said, 8024 post-its were used to form superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America. Personally I love the idea and I’d like to work in a similar office. What about you?










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