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Ways to get a tattoo as an artist – Part one – Skull tattoos

Artist often are struggling to pick tattoos for themselves and in majority of times they pick a very nice skull tattoo. To begin with, you won’t need to be so obvious drawing a skull bone on your body. To be unique, you can start experimenting with a skull tattoos drawn directly from flowers. Yes you will find tattoo artists who are able to pull this off. Flower skull tattoos are fantastic for the women as is also subtle, playful and pleasing to think about.

Borrow inspiration from the well-known games you love to play. Blackjack, solitaire, poker or generally any card game which comes to your mind. What’s your preferred symbol around the cards? Spades, Hearts, Flowers? Instead of the hollow lifeless eyes most skull tattoos have, you might replace them some of the card symbols you like. It’s also possible to throw using some flowers to improve the visual effect of the body art. This inspiration is designed for men and women given its neutral look.


Skull tattoos are actually artistic and provocative. To achieve the perfect look you will need a talented tattoo artist to accomplish it. A skull tat might be cool and fun knowing where you should borrow inspiration from. A professional artist can guide you and design a unique graphic that matches your needs and will eventually look good on your body.

Another neutral look that will make your ink art be noticeable are tribal skull tattoos. Besides the opportunity to deviate outside the boring bone-head look, it is possible to experiment with tribal patterns onto which you’ll want to add some eyes, nose and mouth details. It is a perfect look to go on your chest, arm, shoulder or cover your complete back. A tribal skull tattoo not just is exclusive towards the eyes, the tribal lines work as the lead lines shaping in the coolest skull head anyone would see. Adjust colors as well to take that tribal look stand out.

Do you enjoy cooking? Rather than the common skull and bones tattoos you can see everywhere and everyone prefers just take a stop and think a little bit. Think about the substitution! Allow two crossing bones to be something unexpected like being a spatula or a well-designed egg-beater. Or perhaps a potato masher and tongs, any kitchen utensil imaginable can replace the skull’s crossed bones. This could be a great get a professional chef or anyone that appreciates tats and good food as well.

Are you playing video games? There are many computer software out there which can influence you before walking into the tattoo salon. Diablo, Quake, Painkiller or even Grand Theft Auto 5 features many interesting elements which can be used to decorate your body.

Lastly, create recognizable characters from your skull tattoos and be probably the most interesting inked guy among your mates. It could be a gangster skull including a bandanna or perhaps NYC cap within hoodie.

The bottom line is, you can pick various themes and be unique to stand out with your skull tattoos. Rather than taking the boring single-colored aggressive designs, like everyone does take a step back and think. Instead of picking the boring and aged designs explain your persona to the artist and visualize a nice skull tattoo which can tell your story. For more information about the topic visit this website.

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