By now you’ve more or less noticed how many women are wearing acrylic nail designs. They aren’t wearing them simply for just the image. There are some benefits that come with the use of them instead of using gel nails. These nails are very popular as the people find them very convenient and easy to maintain compared to any other type that’s introduced into the business industry.

They have shown great promise in the enhancement of an individual’s fingernails. They are glued from the edge of the fingernail all the way along the length. There are too many different pros and cons that each one has, bringing you to the next part of this article: acrylic nail design reviews. Here you’ll find 5 different designs that are show to “wow” anyone that takes a hold of them.

The Besy Acrylic Nail Designs

1.) This Christmas themed design gives a very feminine and season greetings as a first impression, without having to express any other type of emotions. Although the edge isn’t as long or pointed, it still gives the fingers a great impression of being long and delicate. The nails don’t look as though they are meant for long term, meaning that they are quite temporary in terms of longevity.

2.) These almond shaped acrylic nails have the preferred shape for feminine nails – long and pointed. These aren’t as popular as the rest as they tend to get caught in many other things and possibly cause some harm to another person. The almond that’s integrated into the design has a very soft tip that is filled on the inside. If they were to experience some sort of damage, they would need to be properly maintained. Simply filing them would bring them back to their original shape, but at the sacrifice of a few centimeters.

3.) Having a square is not that bad for an acrylic nail design. With a nice plum red color and shape, this is similar to a French manicure. These are more suited for fingers that have a wider finger base. The unfortunate side to this is that the sides don’t have as much strength as the others since there’s no central holding for them to keep them secure. They tend to have a certain impression to anyone that stairs at them. They point towards the more pointed ones that are prominent and well-known.

4.) This acrylic art design in this picture includes one of the most beautiful art pieces that have a strong historic background. Having the ying-yang on the marriage finger alone shows how well committed the wearer is to their spiritual life. The nails themselves aren’t as special as one with the ying-yang design, but they add a full atmosphere.

5.) Paying tribute to the old Tetris game, this acrylic nail design uses the different blocks that were used in the games. The nail themselves are square in shape and include the Tetris attached to the square nails and act as a second tier of nails. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that is sure to turn heads while on a leisure. The acrylic paint that’s used in these nails has not layered over into the Tetris design blocks, making this design quite notable among women. Try using the acrylic nail for any design that suits your preferences!

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