An industrial vending machine is a device which automates the dispensing of items and equipment to employees. This works by keeping track, along with the company’s inventory control system, of the number of items being dispensed for each worker.

1. Less waste.

One of the things that separates an industrial vending machine from regular inventory is that you can control how much of your businesses inventory is allocated to your employees. This is because the industrial vending machine uses software to control how many items are taken from the inventory stock room and given to employees. The other plus side is that the system can be installed with controls to limit how much of an item that a employee can have. Thus, less waste in a business is achieved

Compare that to using regular inventory, which is entirely human controlled. The business is less likely to know how much inventory is in the stock room until an audit is done. It is time consuming and there are potential for errors.

2. Preventing employees stealing inventory.

This is because only a small number of humans have access to the inventory. The industrial vending machine will know who has accessed the inventory and how many inventory items are still in place. This set up also ensures that employees are responsible for returning inventory items. Read more about the benefits here.

Regular inventory, on the other hand, cannot prevent theft. As long as that person has access to the inventory, they can take as many items as they want, without accountability. In order for a business to find out about the theft, they have to do an audit and even then, they do not necessarily know who takes the items.

3. Increase in efficiency.

Since vending machines only take up a small amount of space, this means that all an employee has to do is walk to an industrial vending machine and get their equipment there. These machines can be scattered all over the business building so that the employee does not have to walk long distances, therefore increasing efficiency in the business. Also, because the process is automated, the employee receives their equipment in a few seconds.

Employees though would have to walk long distances to the inventory room, which are situated at only one or two places in the building. This is time consuming and is inefficient. The employee would have to spend quite a bit of time finding their equipment, so that is even more of a time waster.

4. Lower costs of keeping inventory.

Since the industrial vending machine is controlled by software, you only need to pay for the items that you use. That means, the costs of carrying inventory is zero because the machine is the one that is doing the carrying of inventory. This is the exact opposite to regular inventory because regular inventory requires you to hire people to keep inventory. This increases costs in the long term.